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Welcome to our online shopping boutique! We are a mommy-owned business that has been around for 5+ years.  Please feel free to shop any of our product categories by clicking the categories below. 



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Neat and Nice Merchandise is a mommy-owned online boutique that has been in business for almost 5 years.  We sell a variety of products and appreciate every order we get.  As a mom and small business owner we know that every order counts!  We sell anything from purses, candles with jewelry inside, Avon products, jewelry, personalized totes, custom cornhole boards, accessories, womens clothing, big and tall clothes, rustic home decor and more.  We are an online boutique that you can shop anytime, any day! Thanks for your support.

Jewelry in Candles is a great product.  Each 100% soy wax tart or large 21 oz candle contains a hidden piece of jewelry inside.  Each candle or tart has a ring inside.  OR you can choose a necklace or pair or earrings.  Yes, you can choose what kind of jewelry goes inside your candle or tart.  How fun is that! Our candles with jewelry inside make the perfect gift for your wife, girlfriend, sister, mom, or anyone really! Jewelery in Candles also make a great wedding centerpiece and gift for guests.